As long as I can remember, since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with fishing, which is remarkable coming from a family where nobody has anything to do with fishing.
There is something about the world underneath the water, coupled with the primal reaction of catching a fish and the objectively cool fishing gear that is forever improving, that interests me no end.
When I was 12 years old, I got my first “job” in the fishing industry.
I was helping around on the weekend at the biggest tacklestore (back then) in the Netherlands.
Job is quotaties because I don’t think I ever signed a contract or had a real work schedule.
On the weekend I would ride my bicycle by myself 11 kilometers (one way) to the store, to help out the staff wherever I could.
It didn’t matter what it was, sweeping floors, get coffee, run to the back to grabs some gear for a customer, I loved being in that store.
Once I got a little older they hired me as a part time employee until the company eventually went out of business due to reasons that aren’t relevant to the story.
2 years later I found a new job in a tacklestore as a full time employee.
My childhood dream of becoming a full time employee in a tacklestore was fulfilled.
This store was at this time the biggest in the Country and it is very well respected in the industry to this day.
My time there was short lived however due to me becoming sick for a couple of years.
In that store I got my first introduction to commercially sold high-end gear.
This to me was the start of another chapter of my career in the fishing industry, rodbuilding.
As I started to own and fish with those rods, I noticed rather quickly that some things were off.
Things like the rod bend would be weird, guide placements that were all over the place, fitment issues with the components, not 1 rod was built on the spine of the blank.
In the summer of 2018 I started looking up how I could make alterations to my rods myself and I rather quickly I fell into the rabbit hole of rodbuilding.
Because I had now found my new passion within fishing, which is to make rods that was as close to perfection as I could get them.
I started to read books about it, joins forums and rodbuilding groups a like, to learn all I could about the subject.
The intention was never to make a business out of it, I just wanted to build the best rods I could that would perform better and look better then the rods I previously owned.
After 3 years of rodbuilding, a buddy of mine asked me to build him a rod and for a couple of months I kept rejecting his request as I wanted to only build for myself.
He kept persisting and after quite some time I gave in and built him a rod in exchange for money and I didn’t think much of it at the time.
Started building it and once it was almost done, I got a message from another guy. He heard I was working on a rod for my friend and he wanted one too.
I accepted his project too and from there, more and more people caught wind of my rods.
The amount of people that expressed interest in my rods grew every week since that day.
It got to a point that I couldn’t accept it as a hobby any longer and I decided at the start of 2022, that I should start a rodbuilding company.
The rest is history.
“Built with passion, in pursuit of perfection”