With custom rods, the possibilities are endless in terms personalising a rod to suit your needs and wishes!
For practical personalisation you can think of things like:
Choosing a blank with a certain length, action, power, casting weight and feel.
Shapes, types, colours and sizes of handles can be customised to you liking.
Different reelseat shapes, materials and colours to your preference.
Select guide shapes, sizes, materials and colours that will enhance the blanks performance.
But also let’s not forget the visual personalisation!
I’ll give you a few examples:
You can choose (Guide) wraps in any colour or pattern.
Pick any Handle/Guide/Reelseat/ Metal trim colours.
Putting a name/initials/fingerprint or logo on your rod, inside the buttcap or even underneath the epoxy of a carbon grip!
Engrave something on the buttcap or on a metal reelseat.
Put abalone, carbon wrap or some custom stickers anywhere you like on the rod.
The possibilities are truely endless when it comes to personalising your very own custom rod.
If you have anything else that you would like to add to your rod, that wasn’t mentioned on this page.
Feel free to message or call, we can have a chat about your ideas and if they would be feasible on your next custom rod(s)!